Annual Fund

Achieve Your Vision

At some point every year, most nonprofit organizations begin working on plans for their annual fund campaign. Developing a strategic plan to meet the financial goals at this time is imperative. Mark Davy & Associates can assist your organization achieve its vision by helping you identify the required components for successful fundraising. Whether you are planning a capital campaign or interested in making annual fund efforts more effective, we have expertise and experience to assist in taking your nonprofit to the next level.
Mark Davy & Associates believes that all fundraising is mission driven and relies on meaningful relationships with donors and the community. We help message the vision and build engagement with potential donors to ensure a strong future for your organization.
Our company provides nonprofits with three distinct services tailored to your organization:
  • Annual fund consulting
  • Management of annual fund efforts
  • Administrative support
Fundraising is not an easy endeavor on any level, but Mark Davy & Associates can help you make the most of your efforts. We assist in maximizing your resources and communicating an effective message to current and potential donors. 
Cultivating strong relationships with donors is an important piece of the puzzle and we can show you how to develop and maintain these critical relationships. Your annual fund can be the best it has ever been when you enlist Mark Davy & Associates’ assistance. With over 32 years of experience, our expertise will help you reach the next level of success in fundraising. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
Nonprofit Annual Fund

How do we learn more?

Please contact us for a complimentary phone, videoconference or in-person meeting to discuss your organization's annual fund vision and how we can help achieve it.