Development Assessments

Providing an Outside Perspective of Your Opportunities

Living your mission and having a clear vision for the future plays a critical role in moving a nonprofit forward; however, failure to evaluate operations can leave deficits that may impact fundraising efforts. Mark Davy & Associates can help you achieve your vision through development assessments.
Our firm conducts development assessments that provide objective evaluation of an organization's internal procedures, results and opportunities for the future. A development assessment entails the following:
  • Obtaining feedback from key donors, volunteers and staff
  • Information gathering and analysis of your past fundraising activities
  • Review and analysis of your:
  1. Mission statement
  2. Leadership – board and staff
  3. Operations – programming and financials
  4. Communication – internal and external
  • Creating a plan for future fundraising success
Objective evaluation results in a clear, fact-based assessment of the organization’s health. The assessment reveals strengths and areas to build on, as well as identifying needed improvements. It also can provide valuable feedback regarding the organization’s reputation among donors who have an interest in its growth. 
Mark Davy & Associates’ development assessment is a crucial tool in determining what steps will be most effective in planning a capital campaign or other fundraising ventures. It is also an essential activity to develop plans for sustainability. Assessment results will help a nonprofit’s leadership make better decisions regarding the future and uncover potential changes to further position your organization for philanthropic support.
Establishing plans for future fundraising success is vital to continue development growth. Learning how to create messaging that resonates with donors is a valuable tool for ensuring future success. 
Mark Davy & Associates has the necessary skills and experience to help your organization move to the next level. 
Nonprofit Development Assessment

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