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Many churches have become accustomed to operating a certain way over the years. Stagnation is a common problem for numerous faith communities. It can often be challenging to  identify areas in need of change, much less make improvements to grow the church and it's ministries. Not having a clear vision can negatively impact fundraising, stewardship and potential capital campaigns. Mark Davy & Associates assists churches in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota in taking the steps necessary for planning and implementing successful fundraising campaigns. A development assessment can be a crucial preliminary tool in creating an effective strategy.
Periodic evaluation is essential to a church’s success in fundraising. A development assessment is an objective evaluation of a church’s internal procedures, results and opportunities for the future. The assessment entails:
  • Obtaining feedback from church leadership, key donors and staff.
  • Information gathering and analysis of your past fundraising activities.
  • Review and analysis of your: Mission, Leadership, Operations, Communications
  • Creating a plan for future fundraising success.
It takes time to conduct an effective development assessment. Getting an objective evaluation from an outside source can eliminate the stress and strain that may come from an internal evaluation. A development assessment analyzes the church’s strengths and weaknesses and provides valuable feedback. 
For over 31 years, Mark Davy & Associates has been providing services for churches to help them achieve their fundraising goals. With our experience and expertise, we can help you clearly define the needs of your church, and help church leadership create a successful strategic plan to address them. This direction will help with future fundraising activities. 
Mark Davy & Associates has helped hundreds of churches in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin realize their vision. Our consultants have assisted churches with successful capital campaigns for building renovation, debt elimination, expansion and other ministries. Contact us for more information about our various services. Whether you are planning a fundraising campaign for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, we can help you clarify the vision and reach your goals.
Development Assessment

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