Membership Engagement & Program Assessments

Sometimes church leadership needs to look inward before planning a major stewardship or capital campaign effort. Does your church have a solid vision for the future? Does your membership know what that vision is, and are they on board with it? A key step toward increasing membership engagement is the willingness to make an all-encompassing evaluation of your church’s vision, ministry and programs. An effective assessment will enable leaders to gain a clear picture of where you are and make sound plans for the future. Our assessment reviews the following:
Church Mission


When was the last time you reviewed your mission statement? Is it relevant with the times and is it incorporated into church life? It is important to measure how well your church is living its mission statement and vision for the future.

Church Leadership


Growing your ministries requires steadfast leadership. Do members know who your leadership is and what they are working toward? Difficulties with good stewardship can arise when leadership roles and/or goals are not clearly defined. Solid leadership and a sound plan are necessary for the best fundraising outcomes.

Church Programs


“We’ve always done things this way,” is a common sentiment among church members and while tradition has an important place, it is worthwhile to take a hard look at church ministries and programs. Are they effective? Are they relevant to the membership and meeting their needs? Determining the effectiveness of ministries and programs will assist church leadership in creating a plan for the future.

Church Communications


In all relationships, clear communication is paramount. When planning your future, clear communication is essential. Effective leaders are skillful at communicating on various levels to reach all members. Fundraising efforts can be impacted positively or negatively, depending on how the messages are conveyed. It is critical to communicate in all ways possible regarding your mission, leadership and ministries. Are your members connected to the church through these various vehicles?

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