Tips for Churches During the Pandemic

As the global pandemic changes day-to-day, we are sharing some ideas and tips for churches. Please review and check back from time to time.
November 2020 - As the year draws to a close we are recommending two things for churches to consider:
  • You can never over thank your donors. Continue to thank donors through verbal announcements at Service, letters, emails, bulletin and social media. Churches are always grateful for their donors, but this is a challenging year and those who contribute should be properly acknowledged and appreciated.
  • Over communicate budget plans. Whether your church is maintaining its budget for 2021 or decreasing it due to financial challenges, share this information with members. Highlight key areas that are being adjusted and let members know that church leadership is working hard to continue the important work you do.
September 2020 - We are inviting churches to use Mark Davy & Associates, a fundraising company with 30 years of church experience, as a resource. Our clients are adjusting their strategies due to current uncertainties, while continuing to make progress towards achieving goals. We are offering complimentary phone and videoconference meetings to discuss your options. Click on contact at the top of this page to schedule a meeting.
July 2020 - In times like these, it is often important to know what others are doing. Many churches are still striving towards their goals and ensuring a future full of hope, despite current challenges and uncertainty. If you are at a standstill, this may be encouraging news. Below is three examples of adjusting plans due to a new reality, while staying focused on moving forward with a vision:
  • Example A – Planning on building new or expanding. At this time, churches can continue the planning process by selecting vendors (i.e. architects, fundraisers and construction companies) and developing their message to communicate with members. Continuing to work on the project will ensure readiness when the time is right to move forward.
  • Example B – Churches are continuing to conduct campaigns for debt elimination and building renovations. They have urgent needs and cannot "wait until things get better”. 
  • Example C – Churches are adjusting their plans from a traditional three-year to a one-year capital campaign. Due to current uncertainties, church leadership is asking for a shorter commitment time. The strategy is changing, but their needs have not. 
May 2020 - These are busy, unprecedented times as church leaders grapple with normal day-to-day issues, while simultaneously adapting to the challenges of changing realities. Below are some general suggestions Mark Davy & Associates is recommending to our current clients regarding church stewardship.
Thank Members
As most are concerned and stressed about the current situation, genuine and heartfelt thank you’s to members can go a long way. Reach out through phone calls, letters, e-mail, social media, and other ways to thank members for belonging to your faith community. Share how much you value their commitment and are excited to see them again when they are comfortable coming back.

Never Answer for Your Donors
It can be difficult to ask for gifts during a time of uncertainty, but an old rule in fundraising states “never answer for your donors”. Many may still have the ability and willingness to continue or even increase their giving. Thank all for their past gifts, acknowledge the current situation and ask members to continue giving as they regularly would. If you communicate in this way, most will understand and appreciate the sincerity.

Give Members Options
Churches are now providing their members with more options to give. Remind individuals to continue using their giving envelopes and encourage other options, such as signing-up for electronic giving or contributing online, if available. 
April 2020 - Many churches and nonprofits are working tirelessly to continue the connection they have with their donors and the community. Below are some items to keep in mind:
  • A clear mission statement or vision for the future is critical - What does the future look like beyond the pandemic and what can your church do to engage members in planning for that time? Receiving feedback regarding future plans increases individuals’ engagement when some may feel disconnected.
  • Enlisting and maintaining strong leadership is important to the church's future well-being - Introduce your leaders to donors through various communication vehicles and share what they are working on right now to ensure a strong future.
  • Transparency regarding financials is always key to building donor confidence - If your church is struggling financially, let donors know and share how they can help. Make sure to celebrate if your faith community is doing well financially. It speaks to the enthusiasm and passion that donors have to continue their financial support.
  • Communication should include the preceding information often and in as many different ways as possible - Now is a great time to work on signing members up for online giving and connecting to your social media. This will have a great benefit now and into the future.  

Do you want to hear what other churches are doing?

We are now offering complimentary support to churches during this tumultuous time through video conference and phone. Contact us today to learn how our clients are handling the pandemic and continuing their fundraising success.