Stewardship Annual Fund

Achieve Your Vision

Having a visionary strategic plan is critical to conducting a successful fundraising campaign. Effective plans take into account the church’s mission and vision. Messaging needs to be meaningful and designed to help members embrace solid stewardship practices. Developing a plan that is relational to members is a critical factor in creating successful and sustainable stewardship and annual fund campaigns. 
Mark Davy & Associates believes that effective church fundraising is mission driven, Christ-centered and relies on meaningful relationships with members. We help with messaging the vision and building engagement with members to ensure a strong future for your church.
Our company provides churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota with three distinct services, tailored to your faith community:
  • Stewardship Consultations – Ensuring your members understand the meaning and responsibilities of good stewardship is important. We meet regularly with church leadership to ensure they have a clear understanding of their role during a stewardship campaign. 
  • Management of Stewardship Efforts – As volunteers and church staff have limited time, we serve a lead in managing your stewardship efforts, ensuring they are timely, effective and on point. 
  • Administrative Support –Mark Davy & Associates offers administrative support to make the task easier. We have the expertise and experience of decades behind us to help you achieve your goals.
Mark Davy & Associates offers services for stewardship campaigns or ongoing fundraising activities. Funding growth demands flexibility and adaptability. Many churches struggle with these concepts, resulting in fundraising activities that are not as effective as desired. We assist churches in developing relevant and productive messaging that leads to more successful efforts. 
When your church is ready to develop a stewardship or annual fund drive, get the information and guidance you need for a highly effective drive. Contact Mark Davy & Associates for assistance. 
Church Stewardship Campaign in MN

How do we learn more?

Please contact us for a complimentary phone, videoconference or in-person meeting to discuss your church's vision for stewardship (annual fund) and how we can help you achieve it.