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Mark Davy & Associates works with nonprofit organizations to conduct capital campaigns, feasibility studies, development assessments and other fundraising activities. Below are some of our signature clients:
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Nonprofit Services

Non-profit organizations play a vital role in the fabric of American life. Many organizations are challenged by having to acquire donors and the necessary funds for more efficient operations and a greater impact on those they serve. 

Through our 31 year history, Mark Davy & Associates has established a track record of success, and one that demonstrates our ability to move organizations to the next level. We offer a variety of services through our capital campaign fundraising consultants: Pre-campaign Feasibility Studies, Capital Campaigns, Development Assessment, Annual Fund, & Communication Services.

Developing a successful capital campaign or fundraising drive requires several actions to give organizational leadership a clear picture of what is needed. Objective analysis can reveal where your strengths are, what areas need improvement and changes that need to be implemented for optimal results. Strategic planning for fundraising is necessary in order to determine the feasibility of your goals, and construct a message that donors, staff and stakeholders can embrace. Communicating the plan, ideas behind it, and why individuals, corporations and foundations should support your organization is another important puzzle piece. Our company can help you identify the pieces and put them all together for a successful campaign.

Each non-profit organization is unique and has its own strengths and challenges. Some stages of development are more amenable to capital campaigns than others. Our pre-campaign feasibility studies can help you make important decisions about fundraising. With our development assessment, we help evaluate your organization’s internal procedures, results and opportunities for the future. An objective assessment provides valuable, clear and fact-based information. Mark Davy & Associates can help you determine if your organization is ready for a fundraising capital campaign, as well as design and implement it. 

If your non-profit is considering a capital campaign, annual fund or other type of fundraising campaign, contact Mark Davy & Associates. We can help your fundraising efforts produce exciting and successful results.

Pre-Campaign Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is designed to inform your donors about the vision and gather feedback to determine if the organization is ready for a fundraising capital campaign.

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Capital Campaigns

A capital campaign can truly be a defining moment for your organization. Mark Davy & Associates serves as your campaign consultant and manager each step of the way.

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Development Assessment

Periodic evaluation is essential to a nonprofit’s success in fundraising. A development assessment is an objective evaluation of a nonprofit organization's internal procedures, results and opportunities for the future. 

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Annual Fund

Creating and/or enhancing your organization's Annual Fund effort can significantly increase the nonprofit's revenue. We help create and focus messaging behind your nonprofit's mission statement by offering support for annual campaigns and ongoing fundraising. 

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Communication Services

Mark Davy & Associates assists nonprofit with idea creation, messaging and communications that tells your organization's story and inspire potential and current donors to give to the best of their ability.

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